Hennops Revival NPC


Contact Info:

Website: https://hennopsrevival.co.za/

Email: tarryn@hennopsrevival.co.za

Telephone: 0824602899

Social Media:


We are focused on the cleaning of all water systems in South Africa. We are also involved in trying to help other NPO & NGO's to get the know how to get funding as well as sponsorship for equipment. Our main concern is the cleaning of the water systems that includes the banks as well as the water. We have an enzyme created and made in South Africa for South Africa's Natural Water Systems.



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We Have the POWER to Change This!

Act now! Get involved! Next River cleanup... Read More

Certificate of Appreciation

I am proud of us ALL! Thank you for helping us to... Read More

It ends Here!

All this comes downriver.. You may think... Read More

Sponsor A Bag

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Post Flood Cleanup

The floods in Centurion left the river banks and... Read More

Cleanup Centurion Lake Weir

This is a whole day exercise and the very next... Read More

1 week after 25 & 26 January 2020 Cleanup

1 week after the last cleanup, I revisited the... Read More

There is NO exception to this..

Everyone needs water. Every living organism... Read More

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