Louis Botha Kinderhuis


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Website: http://www.louisbothachildren.co.za

Email: asmuts@louisbothachildren.co.za

Telephone: 0123336184

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The children have been placed in the care of the home by the South African Children’s Court due to social issues such as abuse, neglect, abandonment and poverty. The Louis Botha Children’s Home is a Micro Enterprise and as such we are BEE Exempt. The children’s ratio is around 70% white and 30% black. The main reason for this is that our schools in the area is Afrikaans medium. The home receives a government grant of around 47% of what is needed in a year to survive. Other than these funds the home is reliant on funds from the general public and corporate companies. The home endeavors to give the children in our care the love, nurturing, development and independence to be able to go back into the world and become self- sufficient individuals in their own right.


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