POPUP (People Upliftment Programme)


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Website: http://www.popup.co.za

Email: neresa.vogel@popup.co.za

Telephone: 0120032008

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POPUP is a unique social investment opportunity with training and services delivered at a high quality and set standards. We trust that more lives will be restored and that more people will gain skills that will make them employable or start with their own enterprise. Learners leave the organisation with the knowledge that their lives have a purpose and meaning as we provide hope and restoring their human dignity. Since POPUP’s transformation from the original shelter to a fully-fledged skills development and training centre, the following has been achieved: • 6 518 unemployed people successfully trained from 2006 until the end of 2016. • 16 052 Skills were facilitated. These significant achievements have been made possible by the generous donations and sponsorships of our valued individual and corporate donors. Your contributions make it possible for us to continue to provide these services and to contribute positively to the lives of many of our learners.