Loving Thy Neighbour NPC


Contact Info:

Website: https://lovingthyneighbour.org

Email: admin@lovingthyneighbour.org

Telephone: 0126655750

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LTN is a Non-Profit Organisation that developed a Social Media Platform to enable Organisations like Charities, Churches and Schools to communicate their charitable work to the world. We are passionate to help all Organisations in facilitating cause awareness. We want them to share their passion, their objective, their successes. We believe that any regular person will get great comfort in seeing how tens of thousands of charity workers make a difference where it is intended. We support all people wanting to become involved as Volunteers or give support in which ever way possible for them. Regular people make the biggest difference in the world.



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Displaying 313 to 320 of 331 items on page 40 of 42