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Website: http://www.pvpschool.co.za

Email: pvpschool2017@gmail.com

Telephone: 0348150154

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Pongolo Valley Pre- & Primary School is an independent, English medium, farm school based on Christian values and ethics. We currently have 6 classes from Grade RRR to Gr 2, where Grade A is running parallel to Grade 1, but having fewer children in the class to allow for more individual attention. 12 teachers, student teachers, assistants and an OT who comes once a week are seeing to it that the children are well looked after and their proper education is our priority. All instruction is in English but is translated into Zulu by the assistants - usually to introduce new topics, when reading a story the first and second time (by the third time hardly any translation is necessary) or when singing new songs. We aim at allowing the children to pick up the English as well as all the other skills they learn in a playful and mostly stress free environment. It is important for them to gain confidence and have pleasure in learning, to learn to love reading and to come to school gladly.


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