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Website: http://www.emmersvolliefde.co.za

Email: janstokes@vodamail.co.za

Telephone: 0826849974

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Our focus is on needy families in the Krugersdorp area. We believe that we can make a positive impact in the daily lives of these families. We identify these families through our relationship with various schools in our area, nursery schools, social workers etc. Our involvement with these families start with a special visit to their homes to establish their needs, and where children are involved it gives us the opportunity to connect with them to identify their ages, school they are attend to, the size of clothes etc. The main reason for our personal involvement is not only to give but to show care. In addition to this we currently involved with 2 Nursery schools with around 60 needy children. We are also involved at an old age home, where we assist 80 elderly.


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