Zizwe Cares NPC


Contact Info:

Website: http://www.zizwe.co.za

Email: kamillav@zizwe.co.za

Telephone: 0769669032

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With the values being the framework, Zizwe Cares will identify community projects through a screening process, where a needs analysis is provided by Zizwe Opencast site employees and site relevant stakeholders. The aim is to identify projects in all Zizwe’s operating areas. With the help of Zizwe Opencast, their clients, suppliers, stakeholders and the general public, we aim to uplift the mining communities in a strategic and structured manner. It is important for all those in and outside the mining community to form alliances in order to proactively anticipate challenges and to work together in achieving a better and economically healthy South Africa.


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Displaying 1 to 8 of 8 items on page 1 of 1