BusinessGenetics One Day Training

Run your NGO more effectively. Upskill your staff!
Do you think that your organisation is running as efficiently as it could? Do you believe that successful organisations run more effectively due to well documented and communicated business processes? Would you be interested in upskilling yourself and/or your staff in how to run your business better? Join BusinessGenetics, in association with Loving Thy Neighbour, for an information-rich training day that will ensure that: • Your NGO/NPO is set for sustainability and growth for the future • You can attract better skill-sets and resources • You can save money and increase revenue BusinessGenetics is a recognized leader in defining, optimizing and enabling work for customers, both locally and in Australia and North America. BusinessGenetics has unique methods and IP that assist client companies to extract information; make sense of it; improve upon it, and then operationalize those improvements into the organization, in an intuitive, cost-effective and efficient way. Client companies who have benefited from our training and guidance include: Microsoft, Warner Brothers, The US Navy, Pep, Standard Bank, FNB, ABI, Multichoice Ready to attract and retain more funders? Ready to be more effective? Join us on March 19, 2020 for an opportunity to learn and grow. Program details: 1. Introductions 2. Class purpose 3. The Business Technology pyramid 4. Understanding a business and its operations 5. Purpose based thinking 6. Typical business operational functions 7. The benefits of standardized operations 8. Describing business operations 9. The W5&H (5 Whiskeys and a Hotel) 10. How to improve operations 11. How to manage operational change 12. How to run a sustainable business – The Triple Bottom Line 13. Creating your go-forward Blueprint (Using the W5) 14. Summary and close