Appreciation & Awards Event

Our Annual Appreciation & Awards Event
At Loving Thy Neighbour, we understand the importance of the organisations that are based in our communities, charitable non-profit organisations are important because their primary objective is typically philanthropy, social well-being, or other activities serving the public interest or common good, organisations just like the ones on our platform. And this, in turn, is our very purpose, to support these organisations by giving them a visibility platform, connecting givers with receivers and a financial management tool that will assist even the most short-staffed organisations. This year we have seen tremendous growth, starting the year with just over 215 receivers listed on our platform to currently more than 440 receivers. We have raised millions through Donations, Collections and Fund-Raising Events and have added many heavy-weight partnerships. We, therefore, would like to celebrate all the wonderful projects and causes that our Non-Profit organisations have done this year by inviting each of you to an Appreciation Event, as we are grateful for the continued growth and support, we see daily through this platform. We would also like to ask you to invite your best corporate donor to join you at this event in order to thank them as well for their continued support. Dr Gustav Gous will be our Keynote speaker as LTN's patron.