Rescued Rhinos @ HESC

Big Rhinos Need Big Hearts Too
Grown up rhino's still need as much support and love as the younger ones do! In fact even more so, as security concerns increase. Just because they have grown older and a little less cuter perhaps, does not make them any less important. We have 12 strong and incredible rhino survivors in our care, that still need our support, commitment, love, and most importantly, protection. This comes with great financial costs that keep on rising, and we can't do it alone. We need all the help we can get. HESC provides a safe place of rehabilitation for victims and orphans of rhino poaching, as well as a place of sanctuary. Since 2013 we have taken on the massive responsibility of thirteen rhinos. The costs of which are immense, from feeding, daily running costs, vet costs, and most importantly security costs. Funding is always easier when the rhino's are tiny and cute, but as they get older, they are often forgotten. But we still need the funding, more than ever for these brave rhinos. The funds raised in this project will help to cover the daily running costs of each rhino for the next year, as well as procure some much needed equipment for keeping them safe. The Rhino's Security however, is our primary concern, and the funds raised will definitely help us do that, as some of the funds go to the operation of the anti-poaching unit at HESC. The project will ensure that we are able to continue to rehabilitate, protect and give sanctuary where needed to this endangered species. Every single rhino does literally count, and it is our White rhinos are the primary target of poaching gangs in Africa, it is our duty to protect them.