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Cameroonian student needs help with tuition fees
My name is Anne Onnella Bissala lolo i am 19 years old and i am a Cameroonian. I arrived in South Africa in November 2011 and i lived with my father and his family until April 2017 and unfortunately there was an incident that occured in 2015 as my father was abusing me sexually. It is not that easy to speak about it just like that so i proceed with my story. I opened a case against him because it was unbarable at the extent he was refusing to pay my school fees and transport fees to school. Investigator Nkosi from Roodepoort brought me for medical check ups and i thank God i was not infected with any sickness and disease. Then she brought me to the children's Welfare of Roodepoort. My social worker was Mpumi who got me a home in soweto but the lady later on passed on( May her soul RIP). He tried by all means to negotiate with the promoters and directors of my school since i was in Matric at Basa Tutorial Institute ( Private) So i was transfered to the House Group Shelter for Girls until I decided to come back home in Cameroon. My flight ticket was paid by IOM who volunteered to pay a part of my university. I have started my first year university studying Communication of Organisation at ISMA( Institute Superieur de Management) in Douala Cameroon. unfortunately my mother lost her job and isn't able to pay for the remaining fees. We are a family of 5 children and I parent which is my mother trying to bring bread on the table by selling Fresh fish at the market every morning. It is not easy and it is only God helping strenthening us. I still have 3 years ahead of me. My first year is 350000Fcfa. Seconde year 350000Fcfa. Third year 400000Fcfa. Fourth year. 450000Fcfa. I wanted to study Biokinetics and Riana Gasper( House group Shelter manager) and Richard ficher( PUSH org. Founder) advised me to think twice and said there is a talent and a passion. I then noticed my talent was communication and since high school i have always been enjoying working with Shelters not ever thinking i would be staying in a shelter. I received so much help from the HGS donors and through my studies I need to give the help i received to other people. Working at the UN, IOM etc will be my dream come true. Speaking for those who cannot speak and acting for those who cannot because of fear. I will study Human resources as well later on.. All over the World Men, women and children are getting abused and there are few people to help them because some people are after interest. Human trafficking rate is rising and all that needs to stop. I myself never received Justice but others will for there is a Loyal friend who is Jesus and his time is the best.