Baby Elephant Sanctuary at HESC

Every Single Elephant Counts
The Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC), provides sanctuary to orphaned elephants in South Africa, who are in need of a place to be hand raised during their crucial first years where they are dependent on their mothers and their herd to survive. We prepare them for the eventual introduction to a unique herd of elephants that are accepting to other elephants, not born to the herd. Currently we have 2 baby elephants in our care, Mopane and Raekie, that we need financial aid for. At HESC and WCT, we take on the momentous task of seeing the orphaned elephant calves through these early highly fragile years of their lives, until such time they are ready to be introduced to a herd of elephants, which is imperative for the emotional health of an elephant. Every elephant needs a herd. Once we feel the young elephant is ready, we will introduce them to a herd of elephants at Camp Jabulani, who are unique in their history of accepting elephants from outside their herd. We aim to provide respected rehabilitation, sanctuary and a safe haven to the orphaned elephants that are currently in our care, as well as any future orphaned elephants that are brought into our care at HESC, as there are very few places in South Africa that have the knowledge or expertise to successfully hand rear a baby elephant. We have to have sanctuaries such as ours in place, for the very likely increase of elephant orphans, as demand for ivory increases.