FutureWindow/ToekomsVenster Community Programme

Children's play park Burgershoop, Krugersdorp.
Together we do good. We are asking you to help us make a difference by making a donation towards a group of very special children in Burgershoop, Krugersdorp. Recently we have embarked on a project to establish and equip a play park for these children. Life is extremely challenging in this poverty-ridden neighbourhood. Our concern is the children of this area. How can we bring them joy and, to some extent, return their childhood to them? Nobody deserves misery, children least of all. Kids need open spaces where they can play and relax, where they can forget momentarily the desolation and anxiety they probably experience on a daily basis, a safe place where they can be free to be kids again. We need your help to equip the park with a cricket pitch and nets, a skateboarding ramp and an obstacle course before the December school holidays. Your donation would go a long way towards bringing joy to the youngsters of Burgershoop. Thank you for your kind consideration and generosity.