Children of The Sudans

Children’s education where it really matters most.
We support children’s education where is really matters most. Many of the children in the Sudan are traumatised through war. Many of them have known nothing else but war in their young lives. Through the S4J Children’s project many of these children could be impacted for the raising of a new generation of leaders that could rebuild both these countries. One such example is the children in the Nuba Mountains. They have great need for amenities like classrooms and schooling equipment. Your monthly gift will ensure continuous support and growth of the Children’s Fund, thus ensuring quality education for the Nuba children. The conditions at present are for example 900 children, 11 teachers, open air classrooms. We also have a Children's project in South Sudan where our friend Daniel Burito Barbanjie cares for and uplifts the children in his care. In Port Sudan we have blessed many children through the S4J.