FutureWindow/ToekomsVenster Christian Broadcasting

Producing credible Christian religious programmes
I am Rev. Jannie Pelser and I have been a resident and minister in Mogale City for more than 32 years. In 2014 I established a non-profit organisation, The Jesus Project / FutureWindow /ToekomsVenster that uses mass media technology - one of the most powerful ways (but also one of the most costly) - to spread God’s word. FutureWindow / ToekomsVenster has its own recording facilities where we record Christian religious programmes and inserts to other Gospel programmes to make the mass media work for God and His business. Our word ministry is broadcast on radio, TV, YouTube, FutureWindow/ToekomsVenster’s App, and various radio stations such as Radio Pulpit, Cape Pulpit as well as a number of community radio stations. Thank you for enabling our Christian religious TV and radio broadcasts with your donation.