Replicating rather than duplicating

Catalysing churches to serve their communities.
Cinnamon Network is looking for brilliant church-led community projects that are can support to replicate across other churches to save them from reinventing the wheel. For example, Rachel inspired her church to make lunch for children who would otherwise go hungry during the holidays when school kitchens were closed. In two years Cinnamon Network provided assistance to Rachel that enabled her to replicate that church-led community project through in 56 churches which fed an amazing 11,500 children! Please donate to us today to enable us to find church-led community projects like Rachel's which we can support to replicate in churches across South Africa... In 2014 Matt founded the first Cinnamon Network in the UK. Under his leadership, the network identified 30 brilliant church-led community projects which they supported to replicate through 3,500 churches. Cinnamon Network UK has also supported the churches in 92 government municipalities to measure their social and economic impact, The Times newspaper report the findings with the headline ‘Living thy neighbour is priceless but it’s worth £3billion’ per annum. Cinnamon Network International is now supporting the development of Cinnamon Networks in the United States, South Africa, Netherlands, Australia, and Denmark.