Each One Link One COVID-19 Relief
Awareness for Child Trafficking Africa in support of Each One Link One headed up by ACT Africa volunteers Chloe Seedat and Mirriam Heyes to defeat the spread of the Corona Virus by supplying people in poor communities with the basic necessities in order for them to remain indoors, the virus is crippling countries and raising so much fear in the world. The initiative is simple and is responding to this LIfe- Changing Pandemic, considering people with no means to educate themselves on the severity of the virus and no resources such as soap or sanitizers to fight the virus. We are urging people to make use of their phones and internet to link people to obtain assistance. The Each One Link One initiative is designed for people who are staying indoors to help others to do the same by assisting us to supply the poorest of the poor with the necessities they need at home and not have go out. If we supply people with flour they can bake bread et Project Estimate The cost is R1000, 00 per family of 6 for a COVID -19 Relief Pack lasting a minimum of 14 days during the lockdown period and daily approximately 250 applications are received for Relief packs since the start of COVID-19 lockdown . COVID-19 Relief Pack Maize Meal 5kg Flour 5kg Rice 5kg Sugar 5kg Yeast Oil 2ltr Samp and Beans 5kg Dhal 500g Baked beans x 4 tins Soya Mince 1kg Soup packs x 5 Peanut butter 500g Jam 500g Tea bags Sunlight soap 2 packs Miracle Mom bleach Sanitary Towels Tooth paste Face Soap Toilet paper 4