Potential Leaders GIRLS camp 19-24 Aug 2018

Leadership development for troubled teens
We would like to invite you and your world of influence to partner with iDestiny in the upcoming Youth camp for GIRLS, as we empower and equip TEENAGE GIRLS caught in terrible circumstances, especially from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. Our Vision is to Ignite Youth to Find their IDENTITY, live their DESTINY and leave a LEGACY. Our trained staff are welcoming Youth from across Bloemfontein and Mangaung to experience basic career guidance and personality analysis; skills development like cross-cultural communication, POTENTIAL LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT, personal growth, character development and conflict resolution; as well as adventure- and team-building-activities, all on the beautiful Camp Unity farm 39 km South of Bloemfontein (www.campunity.co.za) On our iDestiny website you will find our Camp dates and specific age groups for upcoming camps: (www.idestiny.org.za) Please contact us today: info@idestiny.org.za