COVID-19 Mask Supply Fund

Providing masks to essential service workers
Loving Thy Neighbour in collaboration with Chayil Foundation has been making and distributing masks as part of their needlework project during these trying times. Supplying masks to essential services workers. For only R7 a mask you can help save the lives of those people that are keeping us safe, all the essential services workers need these masks to continue their work and continue to supply much-needed services to our people. How does it work? Loving Thy Neighbour approached Chayil Foundation a few weeks ago in order to activate the making of masks through their needlework project that has been running for many years. Chayil Foundation takes young girls who come from challenging backgrounds and lots of social illnesses in their community, gives them a safe haven where they can stay, receive cooked meals and learn how to produce their own income. So by donating to this cause you are not only helping to save the lives of our essential service workers, but you are also enabling Chayil Foundation to keep their factory running and in turn are helping to save the lives of these vulnerable women that have nowhere else to go. To make one mask costs R7. Please either enter your own amount or select an amount from the pre-selected list. Thank you in advance for your support! To run the Chayil Foundation Center and to be able to continue making these masks, this is the cost breakdown: The center runs on a generator: X3 cans of 5L fuel per day - R80,00 x3 =R240 Food cost per week - R900 to R1000 Toiletries monthly - R1400 on average about R200 per girl R200 per week for garden maintenance R1500 per month for a security guard on the property 24hrs R4000 per month for rental on the property this included water costs For more information about the center please contact the founder, Robyn le Roux at