PEN's Sea Camp

Give a child a Sea Holiday
Almost a month on from our historic rugby world cup victory, as the euphoria fades, one question looms: Will this sense of unity and hope manifest as real change in vulnerable young lives? Or will the energy subside with little impact and with it, the hope that accompanied it? On our country, 62% of registered births have no record of the father and 67% of children live in households with less than R1000 per person per month. This places enormous pressure on young people whose parents simply don't have the resources or energy to parent effectively. Leaving the next generation without critical life skills like responsibility, resilience, self-control and relationship development. Without these skills, it is almost impossible to succeed at school or work. At the end of Q1 this year, Stats SA reported that 40% of South Africa’s youth aged 15 to 34 were neither employed, in education nor in training. PEN is in the business of changing this narrative. Of bringing hope to vulnerable young people by providing sufficient, holistic support to make it possible for them to overcome the barriers holding them back and inspiring them to reach their full potential. Structured mentorship interventions like camps, discipleship groups and performing arts classes give PEN leaders the opportunity develop life skills like responsibility, teamwork, perseverance, critical thinking, problem solving, self-control and self confidence in our young beneficiaries. Our Phendula streetstore teaches young people that they can work hard to earn what is needed. It enables children to collect recyclables and cash them in for Phendulas (a virtual currency), with which they can purchase stationery, food, school uniforms and household items. A first trip to the sea through PEN’s Sea Camp, is not only fun, relaxing and perspective shifting; it also enables a week of intense mentoring. A time when young people start to believe in their intrinsic value and begin to dream of living a life of purpose. PEN is inviting you to be part in this transformative narrative. To sponsor a child to go to this year’s Sea Camp. To help a child rewrite their life story! The cost per child is R1600,00 and donations can be made to PEN Sea Camp at: For more information on this great project, contact Janthinus at or 082 405 6789.