WIINer Newsletter - March 2019





I am very grateful for every gain and every stride that I, in my personal capacity, my capacity as National Champion for Women against DBVF and Intimate Femicide, DOJ&CD has made.


WIIN is slowly becoming the vehicle it is envisioned to be!


Socio-economic empowerment of women and girls offers a solution that may alleviate or completely address underlying causes of violence, especially among poor women.  In 2016, the United Nations called upon the South African government to take quick action to address these horrendous acts of violence against women and children in the country. I founded Women Integral Impact Network (WIIN) in 2017 to empower vulnerable women with financial knowledge, personal wellness, and financial independence to prevent femicide and overcome the effects of domestic violence within households and workplaces.


Women Integral Impact Network - Empowered Women and Youth in South Africa (WIIN - EWYSA) Project offers a unique solution that builds upon existing interventions by providing a network that will champion for socio-economic empowerment of vulnerable women, girls and other key populations across the country. WIIN’s methodology is based on the premise that economic empowerment of vulnerable and unbankable women helps them to make choices that will result in their wellbeing and address the underlying causes of gender-based violence, especially in their homes.


WIIN’s approach in delivering services is based on the power of collaboration with all other entities in the space, unifying networking and providing collective ownership to fast-track, scale-up and deliver high impact sustainable projects among the most vulnerable and economically disenfranchised women.


  • During 2017 and 2018, I was prevalent to the DOJ&CD Dialogues in the provinces, as the DOJ&CD Women’s Champion


  • We launched the WIINwomen App during October 2018, which is an educational, informative and preventative tool against GBVF, Domestic Violence, Intimate Femicide and Trafficking


  • WIIN entered into agreement, by invitation from South Africa’s King Goodwill Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu of the Zulu, to participate in the annual Reed Dance Ceremony and provide education in ending gender-based violence and femicide. WIIN provided information and training to 40,000 young women and girls attending the 2018 ceremony in September, introducing life skills and gender intelligence with the aim to prevent domestic violence and femicide, and reiterated the importance of financial independence and entrepreneurship for women



  • WIIN entered into various collaboration agreements with international and local NGO’s, community forums, women’s forums and funders. These collaborations will contribute to achieving the national targets for the following Sustainable Development Goals: #1. No poverty, #5. Gender equality, and #8 Decent work and economic growth


  • To date, WIIN has successfully initiated in 5 of the 9 national provinces


  • During November 2018 WIIN women Francesca Fondse and Mandlakazi Madaka were chosen to be part of the #100AlbertinaSisulu #WomenofFortitude


  • And in February 2019, I was requested to be interviewed by International publication, Women Entrepreneur:




  • WIIN is initiating its second Impact Project in Mpumalanga. The WIIN Langkloof project is received enthusiastically by the NDA and international associates


  • WIIN is invited to initiate duplication in 5 other African Countries



  • WIIN is incorporating WIIN/AVD to provide design and realize sustainable, integral and dignified community concepts


  • WIIN is led by a team of five highly qualified and motivated staff based at the Head Office in Centurion, and one international director based in the Netherlands. This team will be supported by nine Provincial Managers, 52 District Managers and 780 WIIN Ambassadors based in 205 local municipalities, once the national network is completed


We Invite you to join WIIN: Empower women into a National Network of Empowered Women


WIIN is your national outreach and our national network!



Wishing you all a phenomenal International Women’s Day!

Woman serving WOMEN,

Francesca Fondse