Thank you donors! Claim Section 18 A Certificate


Thank you to all the generous donors who have given in to various projects, causes, and organisations listed on our platform. 

According to Section 18 A Income Tax Law, you can claim your Tax Deductible donations if you comply with the regulations stipulated.  Loving Thy Neighbour is able to issue donors with such certificates on completion of a successful donation made on our platform.

If you have made such a donation and you know that you comply with this law, you can ask for your Section 18 A certificate, by contacting Esther Taljaard at  If you have not yet made a donation and you want to give into a good cause, do so now by selecting one of the over 197 organisations listed on our platform.

It's not too late, make your donation today and claim your Tax Deductible Donations before the Tax Year ends.