Welcome to the Humanitarian Empowerment Fund!


Welcome to the Humanitarian Empowerment Fund!!

It all started in 1986 by a mother, Maureen Stevis, who had compassion for her neighbours in the impoverished community of Newclare. Her home quickly became a beacon of light as it grew to her feeding 100’s of people on a daily basis with donated food from retailers and family.

Her home was open to anyone who would come. Her sacrificial lifestyle has had an immense impact on many lives but especially her children who grew up in these conditions and were witness to a mother who cared beyond. 

Clete and his wife followed in her footsteps and from 2011 have been involved in the upliftment of many lives and communities in Gauteng. Operating solely from personal finances, donations from family, friends, and companies. With the help of volunteers, they have been part of providing homes, educational facilities, equipment, bursaries, food, clothing, caring for the widows and orphans and those who are in prison. This vehicle was birthed with a passion to do more and to do it holistically.

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