Welcome, iKhaya le Themba!


Welcome to the LTN family, iKhaya le Themba!  

iKhaya was originally intended to be an orphanage but the community was adamant that the children not lose their heritage or identity; rather the children would come and live with them whether they were relatives or neighbours. 

Ultimately iKhaya and the community became partners in raising the kids by providing a safe place for the kids to play after school and helping with homework.  The collaboration seeds were planted, nurtured, and watered for the last 14 years. 

Today iKhaya le Themba – the Home of Hope remains a place of safety, love, nurture, and care for children and their families. Together they are believing in the hopes and dreams of orphaned and vulnerable children who might otherwise drop out of school, join a gang or end up on the wrong side of life.  Too many youths today don’t have the vital support they need to finish school; some have special needs and need to be assessed but disadvantaged families are less likely to know how to go about this so kids end up losing hope. And this is what iKhaya le Themba, hopes to change!

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