Rotarians for Family Health & AIDS Prevention, Inc


Welcome to our new Receiver organisation, Rotarians for Family Health & AIDS Prevention, Inc. (RFHA)!

Rotarians for Family Health & AIDS Prevention, Inc. (RFHA) is a global Rotarian Action Group and mobilizing partner of Rotary International dedicated to disease prevention and treatment.  

RFHA's signature program is Rotary Family Health Days.  The Rotary Family Health Days Programme was first launched in Uganda in 2011, with the South Africa programme inception in 2013. 

Completion of this program will further RFHA’s overarching objectives, including:

• Reaching an initial  5 million people by 2020 of which we have now served 2 155 683 (end 2018)

• Partnership growth and inclusion across all sectors of society to deliver the programme

• Reaching people who fall between the cracks to care by working beyond normal facilities and taking health services to the people

• Delivering a holistic programme through an ethos of care and respect in a non-threatening environment.

Since inception, South Africa has never lost a partner and is included on the DOH National Health Calendar for 2019!

To follow RFHA, or to make a donation into this worthy cause, click here.