Yeah here we are in February at last with many Sensitisation Training Seminars to conduct, but to educate and Sensitise the everyday man in the street and loads of schoolchildren, the Seminars we conduct each month can never be enough.

PLEASE assist us by letting us have some contacts in schools and the corporate world!

We receive commendation letters from participants who have experienced our Life Skills Training Programs over the many years that we have been in existence. Adult who met us in shopping centres and the street still sing our praises and tell us that they have never forgotten what we have taught them when they were young.

Our contact details are as follows. Tel: 011/4360409

Please assist us by changing attitudes of the many people out there who need to be educated.



Email: padi02@mweb.co.za Website http://www.padi.za.org/

FB: People for Awareness on Disability Issues (PADI)