Did you know? Part 3


One of the amazing Financial Benefits that you can enjoy on the Loving Thy Neighbour platform is the Unique URL function, for once-off or recurring projects or fundraising events.

This is made possible by the projects, events or organisation profile that you can create on the platform. Once you have done the set-up, you are able to copy the URL link available in your browser and send it via WhatsApp, e-mail or SMS to the attendees or to your contact list. This way they can interact, live at an event, or via digital communication with your target audience, with an easily accessible donation URL link, not more than 2 clicks away.

Studies have shown that many people want to give, but the process from making the decision to the actual set up of banking details etc discourage them and then never turns into revenue.

The best part of the Unique URL service is the fact that it is FREE to the organisations that have been vetted and registered successfully on the LTN platform.

If you would like to reap the rewards of this amazing platform, click on REGISTER and register as a RECEIVER organisation, here: Register as a Receiver.

For more information or if you require assistance with the registration please contact Esther Taljaard at esther@lovingthyneighbour.org.