CCCSA: Indigitous Joburg


“Moving from Information to Experience.” That was the theme of Indigitous Jo’burg. I think by now everyone has realised that our “physical world or life” and our “digital world or life” is no longer two separate domains and we do not migrate between the two any more. Our digital world is just as much part of our daily life as eat, sleep and going to work. That is one of the reasons that we do not go to our laptops and phone to just get information but we see them rather as part of our everyday life and therefore it is much more of an experience of using digital platforms, than a tool to gather information.

Because Indigitous jo’burg was a combined effort of Southern and Eastern Africa, Francophone Africa and West Africa, there were delegates from all over Africa that participated in the Digital School of Leadership (DSL) and Indigitous Jo’burg.

The main objective of DSL was to equip staff and volunteers that are using Digital Strategies(DS) to do ministry as well as other staff of Campus Crusade for Christ that is not part of DS to effectively, use online tools and social media in their ministries. We are doing this to make sure that we reach Digital Maturity within our organisation, Campus Crusade for Christ. To understand the concept of Digital Maturity better, take a few minutes to watch this short video by “clicking here” 

After DSL we moved our focus to Indigitous jo’burg. The goal with Indigitous is to move the focus away from any organisation, tool or strategy. With Indigitous we want to equip anyone that want to use “digital” to expand the Kingdom of God. We want to connect them with which ever tool or strategy will work best in their community and environment. Our aim is to empower the local people or organisations (indigenous people) to reach their community digitally, because they understand the needs and culture best! We want to connect them with platforms, tools and strategies that will work best for them. And if there is a need, for a tool or platform, that has not yet been developed we want to take hands with them, and develop these tools, platforms and strategies with them, in order to reach there communities most effectively.

Topics that was addressed at Indigitous jo’burg include:

  • Engagement or Nothing (Social Media)
  • Create Experiences (Social Media)
  • Speaking to the Heart
  • iAfrikan: African Solutions to African problems.

Then the projects that were started at Indigitous jo’burg:

  • Teenager Life Skills App
  • “Africa”
  •, African Content
  • Whatsapp Strategy
  • Make Short Films, using your phone.

Click on the names below to read about the experiences of some of the people that attended DSL and Indigitous jo’burg:

Nicholas Kelderman

Tefo  M

Willem Kelber