Welcome, Aquila Travelling Bible!


Welcome, Aquila Travelling Bible to the LTN family!The Aquila Travelling Bible project strives to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and help destitute people at the same time. The Aquila Bible travels from one destination to the next, exchanging hands 12 times in one year. Aquila Bible Carriers donate R150 or more for 12 months or longer. These donations go into the Aquila Trust, and the funds are allocated to a public organisation that up-skill people living on the street, or provide food and clothing to destitute people. After one month, each Bible Carrier identifies a person who can become a Bible Carrier, and so the Gospel is spread. The Bible comes in a neat little travel case, and each Bible Carrier writes their details in the back of the Bible. Each Bible can also be tracked via the Aquila Website. For more information visit our website at www.aquilabibles.com

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