Walking With Wounded Children


Recently Christa Booysen facilitated a trauma camp for 28 children from De Doorns. The
theme: “In the footsteps of the prodigal son.” The story was told with the focus on
character, a video clip was shown, and a drama was performed with impact. The children were grouped in little groups of approximately three and the leaders gave the children the
opportunity to tell their stories about their

pain and difficult circumstances by making use of sand boxes. Focusing on character makes it easier for children to identify emotions, and
especially their own emotions.


- A boy of 15 says he had heard this story numerous times before, but the drama showed him what it is really about.

- Children from 10 to 16 say this gave them new hope. Now they know God loves them, irrespective of their background.

- A girl of 11 realised she can choose to stay in the pigsty or she can turn back to her heavenly Father.

This camp was an unforgettable experience for these children.