The greatest gift: Giving People Hope


The greatest gift: giving people hope

One person can change the world by giving people hope.

- US Navy Admiral William McRaven

Quite a bold statement, and perhaps not entirely true, but a person giving people hope can definitely change the world for those around him. POPUP has given hope to 6518 people over the past ten years and we are continuing with this daily. It is our vision to see many more people discovering their God-given talents and empowering them to use it to find employment and eventually change their destinies and of those around them.

POPUP’s holistic approach to empowering learners on their journey through intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical input, is the key ingredient to ensure that they become contributors to their communities and the country. Many of the learners at POPUP did not only find hope for themselves; they are also giving hope to their families, friends and communities.

The biggest gift we can give is to inspire people to discover God, themselves and their futures. We want to thank everyone who has joined us on this journey to give hope and we look forward to the future in the knowledge that there is still a lot we have to accomplish.

Kind Regards

Gerrit Heymans