Sasolburg Methodist Church


Sasolburg Methodist Church has a blanket drive project every year.  Each year they decide to who they want to donate the blankets for.  This year Ester de Villiers visited the Primary Schools and spoke to the teachers responsible for the feeding schemes at the schools.

The children at Leeuwspruit, A.J.Jacobs and Fonteine Primary School are given something to eat every day.  They are dependent on donations from the community and sometimes the teachers will buy food out of their own pockets if they don't have donations.

 It was then decided that this year's Blanket Drive of the Sasolburg Methodist Church will be allocated to the children on the feeding schemes. Leeuwspruit received 35, A.J. Jacobs 27 and Fonteine Primary Schools 25.  We also gave 3 blankets to three ladies from the El Shaddai Counselling Centre.