Welcome to Footprints4Sam


Welcome to our New Receiver Footprints4Sam.  

Footprints4Sam is a trust established in honor of Fred & Melissa Platt's son, Samuel John Frederick Platt. Sam was born on the 9 April 2015 and spent his entire life in ICU and the majority of this intubated and on a ventilator.

During his short 15.5 months on earth, Sam’s journey saw him being exposed to both the good and the bad of the healthcare system, enduring multiple botched procedures and numerous misdiagnosis.

The disconnect between the profit motive and patient centred healthcare resulted in a feeling of disempowerment and disillusionment with the lack of humanity and care.

Throughout this experience, Sam remained a brave warrior that impacted the lives of many. His quiet determination, smiling eyes and understanding throughout his journey was legendary.

Finally Sam was moved to a Private Healthcare facility in Cape Town where he was treated like a little human being for the first time, after 13.5 months. His progress was rapid and he was finally diagnosed with Central Core Disease.

A couple of weeks prior to Sam coming home, he contracted sepsis. During his stay in the Private Healthcare Facility in Johannesburg, he contracted three hospital induced superbugs and finally Sam passed away from this infection at a State Paediatric Hospital in Cape Town.

Sam’s legacy lives on through the Footprints4Sam Trust that focuses on tangible initiatives that aim to offer hope and dignity to children and their families as they face the daily rollercoaster and uncertainty of life with a life limiting and life threatening illness.

If you want to read more about this organisation visit their profile on the LTN platform.