Does a transformed person matter to you?


Most people, either on an individual level or from the corporate sector, value life transformation. This fact leads to the support of POPUP which happens in a variety of ways; financially, donations in-kind, volunteering and many more.

During 2006, POPUP’s CEO requested the well-known oil-painter artist, Anton Gericke, to create a painting that portraits ‘transformation’. The reason for this request was because POPUP is all about life transformation! POPUP was called to be an instrument of change to unemployed people who lost hope, their human dignity and their dreams for a better future. The end result was the following:

2006 © POPUP (People Upliftment Programme) • Artist: Anton Gericke

The interpretation of the painting:

This painting depicts the dilapidated buildings with underprivileged people sitting on the sidewalk, whilst the right side depicts the opposite – totally transformed, colourful with flowers, trees and lively people that are relaxed and enjoying themselves.  It is an excellent way of portraying transformed lives moving from darkness to light!