Change your world!


Inspiring and enabling people to help people

Helplift provides you with the idea and practice of how to

 grow and start a gift and talent based community network


Helplift Network offers a SOLUTION to the challenges posed by SYSTEMIC POVERTY in the South Africa: 
Poverty grows from a variety of unfulfilled NEEDS by those around us. The reality is that we have an abundance of RESOURCES in the form of skills, talents, expertise, services, products and finances in the hands of so many people.  
In a postmodern society, it is, however, challenging to give and serve the needy with what we have. This means that there is a growing gap between poverty and resources.   The resources are available but remain underutilised.  Helplift is a dynamic concept that BRIDGES this GAP.  


It provides a safe and workable platform, through which people are enabled to care and share what they have.  It connects people with people and helps them to serve others based on their gifts and talents.  It also builds loving relationships and encourages participation and cooperation among different spheres of society.

Important:  By bridging this gap, the focus must be on the enabling of givers to serve, based on their talents and resources.  We rather aim to focus on what we all HAVE TO OFFER in the form of a SOLUTION, than looking at poverty as an IMPOSSIBLE CHALLENGE in today’s society.  Every seemingly insignificant gift can change the world - one step at a time.  

When people are entrusted with gift-based opportunities to serve they can:  

  • Move beyond their own perceived boundaries to serve to their full potential.  

  • Experience the value of real relationships based on unconditional love and respect.

IMPORTANT:  In using the Helplift concept the outcome should be the gradual eradication and prevention of poverty and not to make people, families, and organisations increasingly more dependent! 

On the Helplift website,,  you will find everything about how to start a gift and talent based community network.  Click on "Join us" to become part of the Helplift Community.