Resthaven partnering with Top Dogs-Therapy Dogs


The presentation will be done by Angie the chairperson of therapytopdogs. She will give us a rundown of where therapytopdogs come from and where they are going. She will also explain in detail what therapytopdogs do, who they can old-age homes, orphanages, hospitals and places where there is a need for people with special needs. Like Hamlet and the Physical Disabled. Anybody who loves dogs and has a dog can be trained by therapytopdogs to become a handler. They are operating as an NPO and their funding comes from donors. The trained people all work in a secular job and the "caring" will be done by trained dogs and trained people on a weekend, public holidays or on special occasions in the evening. Not everyone who attends the presentation has to become a handler, but those that sit in on the presentation will be well informed to convey the bolts and nuts to a potential participant. There is no charge to sit in on the presentation, and it will not be longer than 2 hours.

Everybody in the field of a dog lover, a person who wants to help the people in need like someone who is struggling to come thru a traumatic event. Hi-jack, Assault, Rape, Major robbery and the like. The pamphlet has a number of testimonies of how the dogs have been used in the past. This can be seen on their facebook page

We at NLC have space for 20 people only.