Degrees of Thankfulness


Degrees of Thankfulness

We have all heard of the saying: “Six Degrees of Separation”.  So, I thought to myself, what would be the degrees of thankfulness?

There come situations in one’s life where you feel the need to show how thankful you are.  It could be due to something profound that happened or just noticing the same person every day at the traffic light – and you can’t help but think: “What if that was me today” or “I am so close to being in his shoes”.  But then what?  You just move on or you act!

It is sometimes difficult to imagine that there once was a time when we as humans didn’t have the luxury of taking things for granted, even something as basic as food and shelter, on such a widespread basis as many do today. No matter the age, colour, gender, creed or religious beliefs.

Our reaction to what we receive determines our degree of thankfulness.  


First Degree:  Remuneration

For some the expression of thankfulness by paying (money) seems more obligatory than thanks, but this isn’t true.  Just the mere act is an expression, even though it may be to a lower degree as it is placing a value on the Organisation and/or the individual.


Second Degree:  Verbal / Physical Expression

While this may not be deemed as valuable as money and/or something tangible, the act of verbal or physical expression of gratitude is received as a “higher degree” of thankfulness, especially if this is in person or within a relationship.  It gives that personal touch – a feeling of genuineness.


Third Degree:  Volunteering

Volunteering is usually appreciated more than money or verbal/physical expressions of gratitude.  Being willing to invest your own time and effort towards something that is very important to a third party.  It also shows the person to associate themselves with another Organisation or linked to a specific project or person in need.


Fourth Degree:  Imitation / Doing the same

Some people put this expression of thankfulness to the highest esteem.  This is because imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  That someone is willing to align their lives, their future, their best interest ahead of others. To devote themselves or their time and effort to help others enjoy a better life or to help enhance someone else’s future.

Reflect on your life and observe your degree of thankfulness.