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Ladies, in the mood for tea? Here is a unique fundraiser to support our Sex Worker outreach program called Ladies Arise.

The program started in 2015 from Compassion Centre, Arcadia. We started with one full time worker and some volunteers reaching out to ladies caught in Human Trafficking and Prostitution. The area in Arcadia became the focus point as many ladies where seen standing on the streets during the day and at night. We at Ladies Arise reach out to the ladies as many have been caught by friends and so called boyfriends at an early age when they ran away from home and lived on the streets with a promise of a good life and making good money. Some find themselves in debt, where it is almost impossible for them to break free from the debt that their boyfriend/pimp has incurred.

Others have been trafficked from other areas and brought to Pretoria with no way to escape. Making contact with them and giving them our details has enabled us to help them to get back to their families. We create a safe place and community for them to turn to and help them to turn their lives around.

To book your spot to support the Ladies Arise Ladies Tea, contact

Tel : 012 323 6688
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