Gift and Talent Development!


Inspire & Enable people to help people


Gift and talent based community development!

Helplift Network offers a solution to the challenges posed by systemic poverty in South Africa: We inspire and enable people to help people via community networks with a dynamic Concept, practical Tools and integrated Platforms. 

Poverty grows from a variety of unfulfilled needs by those around us. We have an abundance of resources in the form of skills, talents, expertise, services, products and finances in the hands of so many.

There is a growing gap between poverty and God-given resources. The resources are available but remain underutilised. Helplift is a dynamic concept that bridges the gap between poverty and resources. It provides a safe and workable platform, through which people are enabled to care and share what they have.

It connects and enables them in building loving relationships. By utilising Helplift, people are enabled to serve others based on their gifts and talents. It also encourages participation and cooperation among different spheres of society.

By bridging this gap, the focus must be on the enabling of givers to serve, based on their talents and resources.   Every seemingly insignificant gift can change the world - one step at a time. Let it happen!