Visiting the Zamokuhle Orphan Care Centre


Yesterday we had the special opportunity to visit the Zamokuhle Orphan Care Centre in eDumbe to share the cookies the Grade 3 kids of PVP had decorated, bring some avos and oranges from our garden, make a gift of Duplo (which we have received in abundance) and colouring- and sticker books. Because we did not know where the Centre was, we were told to ask at the police station. We were fortunate that they came along and escorted us - who knows whether we would have found it otherwise. It was only Renate and myself that went yesterday, but we are defintely planning to visit them more often. They looked happy and content. They have a lovely vegetable garden, where the children help in the upkeep of it. When we asked what we could bring them the next time we came, they asked for clothes and blankets. So if you would like to help, do send us your donations and we will see to it that it comes to the ZOCC. 

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