Sunday is Father's Day!


We wish all the fathers a Happy Father's Day for Sunday, 21 June 2020!  Thank you to those of you who work so hard to make your children's lives better, who are present, who take responsibility.  We salute each and every one of you!

May you have a wonderful day and we hope that the people in your life are spoiling you and thanking you for all you do!


We dedicate this poem to all the fathers:  'Hold My Hand Daddy' by Ms Moem

Hold my hand Daddy

And show me the way

So that I can go out

In the big world one day.

Teach me the basics

And then let me learn.

Should I ever get stuck

I’ll know just where to turn.

Cheer me up Daddy

When I’m feeling blue.

I can always rely

On a kind word from you.

Dry my tears Daddy

When I’m feeling sad.

Let me know it’s okay

And I won’t feel so bad.

Show me the sunshine

And then set me free

To be the brilliant person

That you raised me to be.

#FathersDay2020 #HappyFathersDay #LovingThyNeighbour