Story of Grace: MES Kempton Park became my family


Riaan Nel was one of MES Kempton Park's recent shelter clients. In May of this year, by the Grace of God, he found very suitable accommodation in Kempton Park and was reunited with his family. He currently has a job as a driver at a local Appliances Company.

He shares his testimony: "Anyone of us can fall at any time in life and while I was on an emotionally low point in my life, the staff of MES walked the road with me. I had to start to build a life again, from scratch – they were there for me. They became like my own family. I was well looked after, by having a warm bed and meals every day. They provided not only in my physical needs, but also in my spiritual. During my time at MES in Kempton Park, I have learned more about people. I have realised there really are people that want to change their lives and haven’t gotten the chance yet. It is as if the world does not want to give them a second chance. However, with the support of an organisation like MES, there is always hope. I have also learned during this time to be humble and treat others with dignity. For the destitute out there, I want to say: Believe in God and pray continuously. The Lord will provide."

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