How to deal with domestic violence?


What should you do when you hear domestic violence next door? One thing is for sure, we shouldn't turn a blind eye.  But rather than jumping in & trying to do something yourself, make use of services such as Awareness for Child Trafficking Africa or various other organisations listed on our platform, under Receivers.  

According to Lorien Castelle, director of prevention at the NY State Coalition Against Domestic Violence, you should put any information you've collected on a small, inconspicuous piece of paper or index card (as opposed to, say, a large brightly colored flyer) that your neighbour can hang onto without her partner noticing.  Ramos advises that when approaching your neighbour, try to express concern, listen to what she tells you, validate her feelings, offer your help, and support her chosen course of action. "Don't blame, don't judge, don't pressure, don't give advice—instead, suggest," he says. "And don't place conditions on your support. It's really OK to say to someone, 'I'm worried about your safety. Here are some information and a number you can call. Please forgive me for intruding into your life, but I'm hearing it through the walls,'" adds Castelle. (Reference:  Brick Underground)

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