Thank you for your investment in PEN Sea Camp!


Thank you to each donor who selflessly invested in our Sea Camp Project in 2019.  Be sure that our children received much needed life-tools and support to dream of a bright future!  

10 Sea Camp Facts:

  • PEN Sea Camp 2019 was our 27th camp.  Sea Camp started in 1992 with 10 children.
  • To 50% of our children, it will be the first time to leave the confines of the City of Tshwane.
  • There is 1 PEN group leader for every 6 children going on the sea camp.
  • Sea Camp teaches children about physical well-being, emotional self-awareness and prepares them for their vocational futures.
  • Sea Camp preparation already starts in July every year, finding sponsors, discounts and sourcing donations in-kind like sunscreen, cookies and stationery.
  • Some of our children can’t swim and the PEN adventure team forms a swimming barrier while swimming in the sea where children can’t cross.  We identify children that are afraid and buddy up when going into the water.
  • Our children play.  In the city, space is always in short demand.  On the beach they can run, play ball games, explore to heart’s content under the supervision of their group leaders.
  • Once back, children we identified with certain challenges get supported through various programs of PEN.
  • The camp themes will echo into the new year to amplify and instill the message and values we taught.
  • Close to 40 volunteers gave a whole week of their time and energy to support and guide children in their journeys to develop, explore and learn more about their purpose.

*Although permission was granted, names were changed to withhold their identity.