Bridging The Gap Together!


Jobshop in Partnership with Maths Centre

 Maths Centre provides a service to restore and enhance mathematics and science performance thus assisting young school learners from disadvantaged communities to higher learning chances. Due to the partnership with Maths Centre, we are successfully reaching our primary objective to equip disadvantaged learners with intervention programmes that will further develop their competence and performance in the mathematics and science curriculums for Grades 11 & 12.

Maths Centre at the Jobshop has places available for grade 11 & 12 Learners, who would like to improve their marks in Maths & Physical Science. To date, Jobshop has capacitated over 40 learners with the Maths & Science Centre. We currently enrolled in 73 students for the 2020 class.

 “To achieve these objectives, the Maths & Science Re-Write & Entrepreneurship Training Programme provides youth with an option to re-write their maths and science exams. This program was founded and hosted by visionary, Sharanjeet Shan (National Exec. Dir.)”