Transforming the Community of Vastfontein


After 21 years of faith and obedience and seeing God’s hand in all that we do, we again declare:

"Lord to whom shall we go?
You have the words of eternal life; we believe and know that You are the Holy one of God."
Luke 6:68

It is easy to be short sighted and only focus on the here and now, but that which we are building at Vastfontein necessitates us to keep on looking to eternity. Every life we touch and every opportunity we have is focused on preparing for eternity.
At the beginning of each year I wonder how we are going to get through the year, and every year I look back at the previous year and see God’s hand, I see miracles and I see His faithful provision. His provision is made possible through many of you, who also hear His voice and obey. I believe we will all stand before God’s throne one day and see how this partnership brought about transformation in many more lives than we can ever imagine.

We still have a constant flow of parents coming to enroll their children at our school but we have a policy of not taking more than 25 learners per class so that we can work deeply with each child. It is heart rendering to say no to someone from the community whom we know we could help if we had more space and more financial resources.

Over the past 3 years we started doubling our capacity at the primary school by adding a second class starting with Grade R. This year we added our second grade 3 class, but now we have run out of space at the primary school which means we have to build another wing this year if we want to continue expanding next year. It feels absolutely crazy as we are also building the high school and we are now standing still with a half completed building due to a lack of funds.

With the limited space available at the high school we have not been able to enroll more than 30 new grade 8 and 9 learners from our community of whom many are now just not attending high school.

We know that all our efforts are in vain, if we think we can do it out of our own strength.
He makes all things possible! And we are only here because He called us to be part of something much bigger than we would ever imagine.

THANK YOU to all of YOU for your continious support and prayers!