Welcome, PHASA!


Welcome to our new Receiver Organisation, PHASA! 

PHASA’ is actually comprised of two separate entities, each with its own identity, rules, aims, and objectives. The original association, PHASA, is a non-profit body corporate governed by a formal Constitution, a strict Code of Conduct and disciplinary procedures.

Its main purpose is to look after member issues and industry-related matters. The PHASA Conservation and Empowerment Fund (the Fund) is a separate, non-profit company through which PHASA meets its social responsibility commitments. 

The man behind PHASA’s inception was Stephen J Smith — ‘Uncle Stevie’. Born in Sussex, England, in 1931, his interest in natural history led him to travel widely. He visited 56 countries, 26 of which were African states. He visited Kenya in 1949 and returned there permanently in 1954.  Today, PHASA is the largest association of its kind in the world, with more than 1 200 members.

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