If you drink too much caffeine, your natural cortisol response that wakes you up in the morning becomes less sensitive. In other words, your get-up-and-go goes, so you never feel ready to start the day. So, here’s one way to drinking less coffee without feeling like a zombie and feel good doing it! Donate the price of one cup of coffee to Ripple Reading.

Most of us start our mornings the same way: we stumble out of the house and before facing the daily routine, stop at our favourite coffee spot. After waiting in line for a little sip of sanity, we hardly stop to think about how much we could do with R25. We looked around at the cost of coffee at various coffee shops across South Africa. We also worked out what you could do with R25.00. The results are quite surprising! New data compiled by research firm Pew, shows that most South Africans are living on less than R25 a day. Looking specifically at South Africa, the majority of people in the country are considered low-income, with 52.7% of the population falling into that bracket. Education is the key to change this statistic. You can make a huge difference if you donate the price of one cup of coffee to our organisation. We ask that you drink one cup less coffee a week, and every week donate the price of one cup of coffee to do our job, which is teaching children to read with understanding. Together, we can create a brighter future for bright children!