Soul connection


At U-ACT our global mandate is to rid the world of addiction and the stigma that goes with having substance abuse. Yet at U-ACT we do more than just Train, Empower and Treat. I am the Fundraising Manager at the organization yet 4 months ago I was a heroin addict living on the streets in Benoni begging at traffic lights for money. I reached out to U-ACT for assistance for myself and they admitted me into their clinic for rehabilitation for free. On admission, I weighed 55 kg and was severely malnourished and anemic and defaulted on my ARV treatment for 3 years. They supported me through the process of recovery and after 6 weeks offered me a position as a Fundraising Manager as I have some experience in the field. The reason I am telling you this is because U-ACT saves lives and changed my life yet we need help.#nowords#breakthestigma