Grade 3 Flashbacks from October


Some flashbacks from October from the Grade 3's:

Hard at work in their classes.

A visit to Maragon Mooikloof High School where our Director Riana spoke to the high school learners about our "Bricks of Hope" project to collect funds for our new extension to the school. The hip hop and ballet groups performed for them as well as the Grade 3s- who sang to them. The High school received us very well and responded with great enthusiasm to our performances. Two of the Grade 3s sang solos during their performance. The amazing audience's reaction touched one of the solo singers so much that she started crying. On the way home, she told her teacher that she would like to become a singer one day- this coming from one of the shyest, most timid learners. She has gotten hope for the future and a new dream to follow. All we can say is THANK YOU for every opportunity these kids are given as they bring hope... Pure Hope.